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Chrysalis, how my ideal teaching method would be

This is an article I wrote about the ideals for our little homeschool class.

Homschool snippet: this is my month’s salary!

Me, to our awesome cleaning lady: So how’s Javi’s (her little son) school application going?

Mrs Marjorie: Everything is done!, Javi is starting school in a couple of weeks. I can`t believe he’s in first grade already!

My son: What? Javi is going to school? Like to a school with other kids and teachers and classrooms?

Mrs Marjorie: Yes, he is going to a big school.

My son: That is horrible… poor Javi. He’ll get super bored.

At night, at thanksgiving time, in which, by the way, I am HARDLY ever mentioned at all…

My son: I am thankful cause my mom teaches me, cause she doesn’t scream, and her classes are funny, and cause she has elephants and I am allowed to learn how to be an inventor.

This was last night. I am still floating on his sweet light. Everything is worth it folks. They appreciate it.

Maya Angelou hits Obama on school 'testing overuse and abuse'

Join the movement! defend your child’s right to childhood and fantasy! T

Phonemic Awareness: Instruction

Phonemic instruction is very important to teach reading. It seems to me we do not understand how vital it is, or how difficult to achieve, when your child (like mine) has problems discriminating sounds.