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Pegdolls: so many learning and fun possibilities!

I recently got into the pegdoll mood… Now I sort of wish I hadn’t… sort off. Pegdolls are a teaching obsession!


I started with some very simple ones (a piece of cloth around a pegdoll and a pencil drawn eyes), to see if my child would like to have them in the Alphabet stories. HE LOVED THEM! So I started adding one to each story, and then more than one… 


I made pinguins, trolls, pigs…, a pirate king… the internet is an endless source of inspiration. 

To my surprise, my son, who is NOT a big fan of painting, TOTALLY adores painting these little simple dolls. (the red one of the first photo is his) I had 20, he painted like 10 in one go. He keeps asking for more. 

I gather it was to do with the 3D aspect of the dolls. This work is amazing for fine motor skills!

THEN I thought… well, maybe I can add some diversity to the characters…


(these asian ladies are blue cause… well, they are blue. My son said I shouldn’t discriminate blue skin dolls. So I did not) With these two, the world of our story time characters grew and got richer in one go. We now do research for costumes, legends, integration…

THEN I decided to try knitting the math elfs (EVERYTHING started with the elves, I had no idea what a peg doll was before them, but it took me some time to get around to make them) They came out like this:


I doubt I will do more knitted ones. They take too long. :D 

I think felt works best. Its beautiful, you can glue it very fast, and it stays. This little fairy is my master piece:


Then my son wanted his own characters waved into the alphabet stories, so this is how the black alien came into being…


We added a couple of peg dolls to my son’s party favors, and every kids loved them. I am actually surprised that this technology, high tech toys loving little ones are so kin on this simple dolls.

They are may wonderful suppliers out there. Pegdolls are cheap. I love them!!! :D

Allowing time for development

Sometimes, when we I start an activity, things do not go as expected… Check what my son wanted to do with the mirror-pattern activity…


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The conversation that might save your teen's life (or yours)

Yes, we spend hours talking to our kids about WHY to say No, but we don’t tell them HOW to say no. When they are put on the spot – they don’t have hours to explain their decisions to their peers. They have a split second. And while our teens and ‘tweens want to make the right decisions, they often want to avoid awkwardness even more.”

An awesome article!

10 Rules to Gamify Your Course

Yeah, I know. I am getting very monothematic here. :D But this site is amazing too!

Begginers guide to gamification (video series)

I just came across the gamification concept / teaching strategy and I am in love with it! These free video series are a PERFECT guide for begginers!


I will keep it SUPER simple. Will start next week and I will post how it goes!